Product Description

Questions managers should ask themselves:

  • Can I reach an efficient high-level programming level regardless of the programmer I use?
  • Do I want to standardize manufacturing tools throughout my factory?
  • Is the personal ability of any programmer able to determine the exact tool that can help me unify technology throughout my plant?
  • Can I make an initial review of a part and create an environment where the programmer can find complementary information such as data, fit and spacing to list them in an orderly and accessible database for use by operators, and administrators?
  • Would mapping the order and actions of all tools registered in the database help me to determine the best processing technology I need to complete the job?
  • Can I save time by mapping tools to create a special order before programming?
  • Can my programmers work together to define a single program to operate a stand-alone manufacturing plant tool?
  • Does my documentation process include the ability review tools and parts in great detail including chip technology, maximum depth, minimum rpm, max rpm, screw thread data and more?
  • Is it possible to rapidly automate communication between the programmer and tool room operators?
  • Can I create orderly lists of tools that may be used to work on jobs in advance?

CamDoc Geni has all the answers

CamDoc Geni allows manufacturers to accelerate business processes, automate the process of preparation programming, lowering costs, preparation of a computerized routing card, design documentation, documentation tools, quick programming reviews, rapid retrieval and archiving of information without using paper.


Manufacturers worldwide invest millions of dollars automating their operations and business processes. As a result paper documentation permeates every aspect of your business increases organizational costs, requiring additional time, and prohibiting your organization from realizing the true benefits of a fully electronic workflow.

CamDoc Geni helps you to close the gap as your plant expands, storing your main paper records moving you closer towards a paper-less working environment dramatically eliminating the need for printing documents. CamDoc Geni also allows your programmers to easily archive documentation in a central repository doing away with older paper-based filing cabinets that makes searching for critical data a chore that’s best confined to the 20th century.


Main features at a glance:

  • Planning
    Plan your workspace to perform actions with ease such as the integration with SolidCAM using a combination of screen shots and step-by-step examples.
  • Testing
    Different cuts reveal important data through our user-friendly interface so you can quickly identify problems working with programs for 4- and 5-Axis.
  • Documentation
    Instead of creating pages of documentation for a new operation CamDoc Geni allows you to change or add tools or actions in an existing document, saving you time and money.
  • Sorting
    Dramatically eliminate errors and reduce the time needed between programming, and production room tooling.
  • Ase of Use
    Display pages of graphical tools and testing data processing without having to print documents for one-time usage.
  • Electronic archiving
    Eliminate the need to look for work and restore archived files by working within a completely computerized production and design environment.

This is a complimentary software tool that will raises the quality of programming in the programming departments and increases the communication with the production departments.